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  • 126 ARW Chronological Wing History

    1927 July 1st the 108th Observation Squadron, 33rd Division Aviation is formed. Sixteen officers, 74 enlisted and PT-1 Trusty aircraft were assigned. 1930 Douglas O-2H biplanes are assigned to the 108th Observation Squadron.1935 Douglas O-38 biplanes are assigned to the 108th Observation Squadron.1937 Performed levee reconnaissance missions, food
  • 126th Air Refueling Wing Emblem Description

    Shield: Azure, a bend nebula between four spear points to base, two and two inflamed proper.Symbolism: The ultramarine blue color of the shield is representative of the sky and of the Air Force operations. The four flaming spears descending symbolize the destruction brought upon the enemy. The nebula bend is a heraldic symbol for clouds. It is also
  • 906th Air Refueling Squadron Updated Patch

    The newest rendition of the 906th Air Refueling Squadron emblem was approved by the Air Force Historical Research Agency on Oct. 27, 2011. This is the only change to the squadron patch since its initial approval on July 10, 1961.The emblem description and significance statements are as follows:BLAZONOn a disc per bend Azure and Celeste, a globe
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment

    Specialty Summary. Maintains aerospace ground equipment (AGE) to support aircraft systems or subsystems. Manages AGE functions and activities. Duties and Responsibilities: Performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on AGE. Inspects, tests, and operates AGE to determine equipment serviceability and proper operation. Diagnoses mechanical and
  • Aerospace Maintenance

    Specialty Summary. Maintains aircraft, support equipment (SE), and forms and records. Performs production supervisor, flight chief, expediter, crew chief, support, aero repair, and maintenance functions. Duties and Responsibilities: Advises on problems maintaining, servicing, and inspecting aircraft and aerospace SE. Uses technical data to diagnose
  • Aerospace Propulsion

    Specialty Summary. Inspects, maintains, modifies, tests, and repairs propellers, turboprop and turboshaft engines, jet engines, small gas turbine engines, and engine ground support equipment (SE). Manages aerospace propulsion functions and activities. Duties and Responsibilities: Plans, organizes, and directs aerospace propulsion maintenance
  • Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems

    Specialty Summary. Performs and supervises aircraft electrical and environmental (E & E) functions and activities. Troubleshoots, inspects, removes, installs, repairs, modifies, overhauls, and operates aircraft E & E systems, components, and associated support equipment. Duties and Responsibilities: Inspects, troubleshoots, and maintains aircraft E
  • Aircraft Fabrication

    Specialty Summary. Manages activities to accomplish aircraft structural maintenance, metals technology, survival equipment maintenance, and nondestructive inspection. Duties and Responsibilities: Plans, organizes, and directs aircraft fabrication maintenance activities. Interprets and implements directives and publications pertaining to fabrication
  • Aircraft Fuels Systems

    Specialty Summary. Removes, repairs, inspects, installs, and modifies aircraft fuel systems including integral fuel tanks, bladder cells, and external tanks. Maintains associated hardware and equipment. Duties and Responsibilities: Advises on aircraft fuel systems removal, repair, and installation maintenance procedures and policies. Diagnoses fuel
  • Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

    Specialty Summary. Troubleshoots, removes, repairs, overhauls, inspects, adjusts, installs, and tests aircraft hydraulic and IFR systems and components, including support equipment (SE). Duties and Responsibilities: Advises on problems maintaining aircraft hydraulic systems. Determines maintenance procedures and performance characteristics using