Our Mission

Multi-Capable Airmen provide global air refueling, command and control, and critical services to safeguard the homeland, serve our communities, and execute global operations.


Be the best Tanker wing in the Air National Guard.

Tour Request

an Illinois Air National Guard KC-135 sits on the aircraft parking ramp at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
Request a KC-135 tour for your organization!
Tours take approximately 1 hour and are hosted by our aircrew and maintainers.

Phone Numbers

Airman & Family Readiness:
(618) 222-5784
(618) 222-5112
(618) 222-5868
Force Support Squadron:
(618) 222-5708
I.D./CAC Cards:
(618) 222-5708
Military Personnel Flight:
(618) 222-5708
Public Affairs:
(618) 222-5761
(618) 222-5701


Want to learn more about the ANG?
Visit GoANG.com/Illinois

Want to talk to a recruiter?
Call (618) 222-5701

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Join the Air Guard!

Earn up to $20,000 towards college tuition without having to move away from your friends and family.

Benefits include:
● Work Experience
● Free Travel
● Technical Skill Training
● 100% Tuition Program
● Guard Paycheck
● Life Insurance
● Medical Insurance
● Retirement Benefits

Check out the full list of benefits here.

Think of it...while you're going to school, you only work a minimum of one weekend a month and two-weeks a year.  You can also earn college credit while obtaining military and career training, which will make you more marketable after you graduate.

The Air National Guard offers you more than 180 different career choices including health care, communications, avionics, accounting and more!  Find out more about different careers in the Illinois Air National Guard today!