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This page will briefly describe the individual units that make up the 126th Air Refueling Wing.  Learn about the courageous men and women who work everyday, here and abroad,  to make this country stronger.
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This page also serves as a great starting point if you're interested in learning about what types of careers are available to you in the Illinois Air National Guard.
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Wing Staff

Legal Office
Public Affairs
Inspector General

Maintenance Group

Aerospace Ground Equipment
Aerospace Maintenance
Aerospace Propulsion
Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems
Aircraft Fabrication
Aircraft Fuels Systems
Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
Aircraft Metals Technology
Aircraft Structural Maintenance
Integrated Avionics Systems
Maintenance Management Analysis
Maintenance Management Production
Munitions Systems
Nondestructive Inspection

Operations Group

Tanker Pilot
Boom Operator
Radio Communications Systems
Life Support
Airfield Management
Flight Records

Mission Support Group

Civil Engineering
Logistics Readiness
Force Sustainment
Security Forces
Supply Chain Management

Medical Group

Medical/Health Systems
Public Health

Unit Overview

To facilitate mission accomplishment, the 126th Air Refueling Wing is organized into four groups: the 126th Operations Group, which contains the 108th Air Refueling Squadron; the 126th Maintenance Group; the 126th Mission Support Group; and the 126th Medical Group. There is also a small Wing Headquarters staff that provides continuity and support to senior leadership and throughout the wing.

The 126 ARW also has two associate partners: the Active Associate 906th Air Refueling Squadron with the 126 ARW serving as the host organization for this Total Force Initiative association, and the Classic Associate 126th Supply Chain Operations Squadron as part of a regionalized Air Mobility Command supply facility.

In the Air Force and the Air National Guard, jobs are known as Air Force Specialty Codes or AFSCs. Each AFSC is assigned to a career field. AFSCs with similar functions are grouped together in the same career field, so a career field may have one AFSC assigned to it, or it may have several. The Air Force has four main categories for enlisted careers including: mechanical, administrative, general, and electronics.

The career fields listed on this page are general descriptions and do not encompass all of the opportunities available at the 126th Air Refueling Wing. For specific information about the 126 ARW or career opportunities within the wing, please contact a recruiter at: (618) 222-5701.

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