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Three Illinois Air National Guard KC-135s sit on a parking ramp at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.
Welcome to our tour information page!
This page is intended only for approved tours with selected participants.
Recruiters may be present at tours to answer any questions about Air National Guard pay, travel, career and education benefits.
Dates and times are limited due to operational requirements.

Tour Organizer Information

Organizer Contact Information

Base Pass

All guests 16 or older who don't have base access require a pass. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult with a pass or other base access. Please have all guests that need one to complete the pass registration process outlined below. Passes must be requested at least 15 business days before the tour.

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Sponsor Information

Name: Ken Stephens


Phone: 6182225761
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Service: Air Force

State: Illinois

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Date of Visit

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Purpose of Visit: Participation in the 126 ARW Static Tour.

Agree to background check and click submit and you will be given a verification pass code. Add all pass codes with names below. Each name and corresponding passcode should be on its own line. 

Passenger Information

Guidance for the day of the tour

Each person MUST have their driver’s license or government ID with them.

For your safety and comfort, please wear long pants and flat-soled shoes for civilians or utility uniform for military.

Plane entry will be accessed by stairs.

The temperature inside the aircraft can vary from very warm to very cold.

You may bring a camera or use the camera on your cell phone.  If there are any restrictions on picture taking, you will be advised before the tour.

Please leave all valuables at home or locked in your car; we do not have the ability to secure these items during the tour.

Acceptance of this form does not imply approval of this request. You will be directed to a confirmation page if your submission is successful. If you have any problems, please contact us at