Passenger Information

Three Illinois Air National Guard KC-135s sit on a parking ramp at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.
Welcome to our Passenger Information Page!
This page is intended only for approved civic leader flights with selected passengers.
Recruiters may be present at pre-flight briefings to answer any questions about Air National Guard pay, travel, career and education benefits.
Dates and times are limited due to operational requirements.

Passenger Information

Contact Information

Emergency Contact

This information is required for our passenger manifest.

Required Forms


For the flight, we need the DD Form 2992 and the Illinois National Guard Waiver filled out and sent back. If needed, you may print these to fill them out, take a picture with your cell phone and email us that copy. Please be sure the image is legible.

DD Form 2992 < Click this link to download the form

The DD Form 2992 certifies your medical fitness to fly on our military aircraft and will be reviewed by one of our medical flight doctors.

Please fill out only the yellow highlighted blocks.

If you have any medications to list for block 13, please put the information on a separate sheet and return a scan of that along with the form. To help protect your privacy, please do not list your medications on the form itself.

For military, if you already have a valid DD2992 good through your flight date then you may submit that instead.

Illinois National Guard State Waiver < click on this link to download the form

On the Illinois National Guard waiver, please sign your name where it says "Passenger" and complete the rest of the form.

Return the forms to

Base Pass

Got to!/

There are 4 pages in the application.



Your Name
(as it appears on your drivers license)

Date of Birth

Country of Origin and Citizenship

Primary and Secondary Identifiers
(Drivers License Number and Social Security Number will work)






Primary Address


Phone Number
(enter only numbers, no symbols)



Sponsor Information

Name: Ken Stephens


Phone: 6182225761
(enter only numbers, no symbols)



Service: Air Force

State: Illinois

Select “Scott Air Force Base”


Date of Visit

(Date of flight)

(Date of flight)

Purpose of Visit: Participation in the 126 ARW Civic Leader Flight.

Agree to background check and click submit and you will be given a verification pass code. Add that pass code below. 

Passenger Information

Guidance for the day of the flight

Each person MUST have their driver’s license or government ID with them. You will use your Social Security Account Number/DOD ID to sign-in on the manifest.

For your safety and comfort, please wear long pants and flat-soled shoes for civilians or utility uniform for military.

In order to experience a refueling, you will be lying on your stomach in the rear of the aircraft.  You might be required to use ladders or escape chutes.

You may pack a lunch/bring water & snacks for the flight. A snack bar is available in the Operations Group breakroom.

The temperature inside the aircraft varies from very warm to very cold.  Dress in layers.  The aircraft is very loud - earplugs will be provided.

You may bring a camera or use the camera on your cell phone if it is in standby mode.  If there are any restrictions on picture taking, you will be advised during your pre-flight briefings.

If you have a tendency to get air sick, you might want to take an over-the-counter remedy for motion sickness and a candy bar, chewing gum, or other snack might also help.

Please leave all valuables at home or locked in your car; we do not have the ability to secure these items while you are airborne.

A head cold or sinus problems could result in serious head injuries during pressurization of the aircraft (this is not a commercial aircraft designed for passenger comfort).

Persons with injuries or sickness may not participate in the flight, as these conditions may impair your ability to use emergency chutes and ladders.

Acceptance of this form does not imply approval of this request. You will be directed to a confirmation page if your submission is successful. If you have any problems, please contact us at