126th Air Refueling Wing Emblem Description

Shield: Azure, a bend nebula between four spear points to base, two and two inflamed proper.
Symbolism: The ultramarine blue color of the shield is representative of the sky and of the Air Force operations. The four flaming spears descending symbolize the destruction brought upon the enemy. The nebula bend is a heraldic symbol for clouds. It is also a heraldic bearing of high honor and represents the scarf of a military commander indicating protection to our forces. On the scroll is written the unit designation.
As a Fighter-Bomber Wing, the three divisions of the shield indicated the three squadrons assigned to each Group. The four flaming spears denoted the four Groups assigned to the Wing. Currently as a Refueling Wing, they signify the three Groups, four operational squadrons, in four separate states. 
This emblem, originally created for the Wing's predecessor organization, the 344th Bombardment Group, was approved on 9 January 1943. 
Motto: The motto written on the scroll before 24 November 1953 read: "We win or die". This was based upon a quotation by General Douglas MacArthur - "We shall win or we shall die". The motto was symbolic of the personnel's determined effort of facing danger with courage and efficient knowledge to carry destruction to the enemy. This motto was replaced by the unit designation, 126th Bombardment Wing (then Fighter-Bomber) and subsequently as the Wing was redesignated Fighter-Interceptor and the mission changed until the present 126th Air Refueling Wing. The original emblem was approved on 9 January 1943 and the modified version was approved on 24 November 1953.