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  • Illinois Reemployment Rights

         Illinois state law provides reemployment rights to Illinois National Guard personnel called to military duty. When performing federally mandated training or duty under titles 32 or 10 of the United States Code (monthly drills, annual training, or federal active duty), these rights are in addition to those provided by federal law. When
  • Receipt of medical care during UTA

    Recently, questions have arisen regarding the receipt of medical care by wing members who are participating in a Unit Training Assembly (UTA). This article should provide wing members some guidelines to assist them in making medical care decisions. Because of a change in mission, the active duty emergency room at the 375 MDG is no longer
  • Fighting the Mighty Mississippi

    It all starts with the ring of a phone. The voice on the other end informs you that you have been called upon to do your duty. You must report the next morning in full uniform and you'll get further instructions at that point in time. You tell your family and friends that tomorrow you have to go and will be back when "the job is done." It's time to
  • Recognition...a little goes a long way

    Recognition is something we all must take time to think about and act on during these high ops tempo times. During this Global War on Terrorism, there has been, and continues to be, countless upon countless acts of volunteerism and high levels of dedication to duty displayed daily. What helps sustain a high level of volunteerism and daily
  • 101 critical days of summer... here again

    Memorial Day weekend marked the official start of the time known as the '101 Critical Days of Summer.' That means we made it through the other time of the year that I call, the '264 Critical Days of Winter,' and we did it without a major mishap. That accomplishment is a testament to your efforts. However, summer brings more challenges to personal
  • A final flight for a piece of American history

    We're all a part of history everyday, but sometimes we get to be a part of something that is more historic than usual. Such was the case for a flight crew from the 108th Air Refueling Squadron when they had the honor of flying the oldest operating KC-135E air refueling plane, tail number 55-3145, out of Forbes Field, Kan., to the Aerospace