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126th ARW Inclement Weather Reporting Procedures

  • Published
  • By Ken Stephens
  • 126th Air Refueling Wing
This is a reminder of the reporting procedures personnel assigned or attached to the 126 Air Refueling Wing in the event of inclement weather. If the command staff at Scott Air Force Base determines that weather conditions pose a safety threat to its workers, a change in reporting time will be announced. Personnel can find out this information from the media, the Scott AFB information hotline (618-256-7232), the Scott AFB Facebook page, the 126th ARW Facebook page, or from a phone call from his/her supervisor.

DELAYED REPORTING: In accordance with Scott Air Force Base Instruction 36-3801, Severe Weather Operations, "The purpose for delayed reporting during hazardous weather conditions is to allow base personnel additional time for safe travel to the base. Delayed reporting applies to military and civilian personnel; leave will not be charged." The commander has recently clarified that delayed reporting is just that ... delayed reporting. Please allow time for the roads and parking areas to be cleared. Members are not expected to be at work until the delayed report time. The commander will determine the delay conditions (two hour or three hour delay, for example).

MISSION-ESSENTIAL REPORTING: Personnel identified by their commanders as mission essential are to report for duty at the designated time. Service members not required to report will be placed on telephone standby until further notice. Only those children of designated mission essential personnel are allowed to be dropped off at the Child Development Centers and Youth Center.

Information about base operating procedures in the event of inclement weather will be released through the public website --, the Straight Talk Line at 256-SAFB (7232), or the Scott AFB Facebook page (which is a direct link off of The Team Scott community is highly encouraged to check these sources first.

Information will also be released to the following media outlets: KTVI Channel 2 (; KMOV Channel 4 (; and KSDK Channel 5 (

EARLY RELEASE: The 126th Air Refueling Wing commander is the early releasing authority for all members assigned and attached to the 126th ARW. This is a significant difference from the rest of Scott AFB. Unit commanders and supervisors will release personnel who are non-mission essential personnel according to the guidelines of the early release notification. All non-mission essential personnel will need to pick up their children from the Child Development Centers and Youth Center.

BASE ENTRY/EXIT PROCEDURES: Due to limited snow removal equipment, the Cardinal Creek Gate may be closed for entry into the base. There is no mode identified that will announce if the Cardinal Creek Gate is open in the morning. Every effort will be made to have the road cleared for use.

In accordance with the operating procedures for the Cardinal Creek Gate, the gate may be closed if early released is authorized. If the gate is opened for early release an email will be sent out to all network users.

The Shiloh and Belleville gates should be open for traffic; however, various lanes may be closed depending on the severity of the weather conditions.

Members unsure of 126th ARW operating procedures, or their reporting status, should speak with their supervisor or unit commander. This may be a good time to review your military technician/AGR recall procedures as well as your military recall roster within your unit.