New ANG Command Chief Visits 126th Air Refueling Wing

  • Published
  • By Ken Stephens
  • 126th Air Refueling Wing
The new command chief master sergeant of the Air National Guard, in his first official visit, toured the Illinois Air National Guard wing at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Oct. 27, 2020.

Chief Master Sgt. Maurice Williams came to the 126th Air Refueling Wing to learn about its mission, see the readiness of its Guardsmen, and to ask his own questions.

After receiving a mission briefing from the chief’s group, Williams asked how they were helping their people in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s affect.

The response by the State of Illinois required many Guardsmen to leave their families and assist with testing sites, distribution warehouses, and state agency missions. Other Airmen may have had an uncertain job situation due to workplace restrictions.

Williams constantly expressed his concern that as wing leaders they care for all their Airmen.

“You, being in this seat right now, during this time,” he told the chiefs, “is an opportunity to maximize the leadership that you’ve been given.”

Later, the command chief met with the 126th 5/6 Council of junior noncommissioned officers and shared three guidelines that helped him in his career.

“Invest in yourself,” said Williams. “You have to continue to grow as an individual through education, training, and experience.”

“Monitor your circle,” he continued. “You have to get people around you who motivate you, who will inspire you, who will push to that end.”

“Embrace life’s journey,” Williams concluded.

He explained that you may have a plan for your life, but your life may not go by that plan. By following the first two points – investing in yourself, and monitoring your circle – you’ll have the resources to make it through those times.

The Chief’s visit ended with an enlisted all-call in the 126th Maintenance Group hangar where he recognized wing star performers, and repeated his three points of career success.