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  • Services Career Field

    The Airman Services Career Field includes managing, supervising, and administering or operating appropriated and nonappropriated fund food facilities; transient and temporary lodging facilities; fitness and recreation programs and facilities; mortuary affairs administration; operational support; training and supervising search and recovery teams;
  • Tanker Pilot

    Specialty Summary. Pilots tanker aircraft and commands crews to accomplish air refueling, airlift, training, and other missions. Duties and Responsibilities: Plans and prepares for mission. Reviews mission tasking, intelligence, and weather information. Supervises mission planning, preparation and filing of flight plan, and crew briefing. Ensures
  • The History of the 126th Air Refueling Wing

    The History of the 126th Air Refueling Wing Illinois Air National Guard Throughout much of the 20th century, military aviation units have been formed in response to national emergencies. Often, a unit would undergo a change in mission or numerical designation as a result of a post-war reorganization. Others might disband altogether. New units and