Operational Readiness Inspections prove 126 ARW and 906 ARS capabilities

  • Published
  • By Major Jennifer C. Howsare
  • 126 ARW Public Affairs Office
Neither the Headquarters Air Mobility Command Inspector General's Team nor Mother Nature had enough in their arsenals to defeat the perseverant and skillful members of the 126th Air Refueling Wing and the 906th Air Refueling Squadron during recent Operational Readiness Inspections.

The inspections at Scott AFB were from June 7-12.

Operations and maintenance Airmen bore the brunt of the readiness inspection and spent more than three days being tested on their abilities to respond, repair, and launch aircraft. With 90-degree plus temperatures and high humidity, all inspection challenges were met head-on. Many exceeded expectations.

Overall, there was a rating of 'EXCELLENT' for the readiness inspection. Other functional areas around the Wing, including Security Forces and Services also played integral roles in the inspection's success.

A second readiness inspection was conducted to test Wing members' Ability to Survive and Operate or ATSO skills. 126th Civil Engineers, Emergency Management, and Wing Plans personnel developed a short-notice plan for an ATSO rodeo to fulfill all ATSO inspection requirements.

The ATSO rodeo was conducted in the Wing's main hangar and the fuel-cell hangar, which allowed space for a variety of ATSO inspection stations.

Wing members again proved successful in their operational preparedness and received an overall ATSO rating of 'Mission Ready.'

Col. Peter Nezamis, Commander, 126th Air Refueling Wing, knows there is much behind the 'Mission Ready' rating. "The dedication displayed by every Wing member in the months of preparation for this inspection was incredible," said Nezamis. "From OREs in austere conditions to simltaneous real-world deployments in support of Operations Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector, the 126th is far more than mission ready; we are mission proven!"

Brig. Gen. James Schroeder, Commander of the Illinois Air National Guard, had nothing but praise for 126th members during his visit to the Wing for the IG inspection outbrief. "I'm very proud of all of you and all the work you've done," said Schroeder. "I look forward to bigger and better things."

Col. Nezamis was equally impressed with and proud of Wing members. "I've never seen this Wing come together like we came together for these inspections," said Nezamis. "There are others who came before you and others who will come after you, but this day belongs to you."

While inspection results were the effort of the entire Wing, many individuals and teams were recognized by the IG for outstanding contributions.

IG coin recipients included:

Master Sgt. Stacie Johnson, 126th Air Refueling Wing; Staff Sgts. Steven Bacon and Aldor Spann, 126th Security Forces Squadron; Staff Sgt. Daniel Gaspar, 906th Air Refueling Squadron; Staff Sgt. Holynne Steppe, 126th Operations Group; and Airman 1st Class Anthony Hart, 126th Air Refueling Wing.

Team recognition included:

Aircraft 59-1466 Maintenance Team consisting of Master Sgt. Michael Maynard, 906th Air Refueling Squadron; Master Sgt. Jeffery Whyte, 126th Maintenance Squadron; Tech. Sgt. David Burris, 126th Maintenance Squadron; and Staff Sgt. Joel Diaz, 906th Air Refueling Squadron.

Alert Aircraft Crew Chiefs Team consisting of Tech. Sgts. Eric Dewey, Scott Kirk, Kris Randolph, and Glenn Rawlins, all from the 126th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron; Staff Sgt. Will Alberts, Daniel Baque, Cody Carlson, Michael Davey, Terrance Kahrhoff, Sean Rasmussen, and Aaron Rye, all from the 126th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron; and Staff Sgt. Daniel Gaspar, 906th Air Refueling Squadron.

Alert Force Aircrew Number Three consisting of Lt. Col. John Ourada, Captain Viveca Lane, and Senior Master Sgt. Robert Rizzo, all from the 108th Air Refueling Squadron.

Command Post Team consisting of Chief Master Sgt. Jarrod Drevalas, 126th Air Refueling Wing; Master Sgts. Bryan Hatfield, Stacie Johnson, and Peter Soellner, all from the 126th Air Refueling Wing; Tech. Sgts. Daniel Carroll and Thomas Moore, Jr., both from the 126th Air Refueling Wing; Tech. Sgt. Sherri Watson, 906th Air Refueling Squadron; and Airmen 1st Class Anthony Hart, Anthony Mason, and Thomas Reeves, Jr., all from the 126th Air Refueling Wing.

Crisis Action Team consisting of Capt. Steven Olson, 108th Air Refueling Squadron; Capt. Benjamin Wheelan, and Tech. Sgt. John Spain, both from the 126th Operations Group.

Dayshift Close Boundary/Close-In Sentry Team consisting of Senior Airmen Mark Hammer, Dustin Hays, David Hutchinson, Jordan Magana, Douglas Parisotto, Luke Quirion, Alec Williams, and Airman 1st Class Jason Penick, all from the 126th Security Forces Squadron.

Emergency Management Team consisting of Senior Master Sgt. John Hedeman, Master Sgt. Warren Sleep, Tech. Sgt. Aaron Franke, Staff Sgts. Robert O'Quinn and Katrina Hamilton, and Senior Airmen Garren King and Zachary Heintzelman, all from the 126th Civil Engineer Squadron.

Entry Control Point Team consisting of Senior Airmen Aaron Anderson, Sarah Coss, and Bruce Erlinger, all from the 126th Security Forces Squadron.

Fuels Information Service Center Team consisting of Tech. Sgt. Amy Amizich and Staff Sgt. Joseph Strabley, both from the 126th Logistics Readiness Squadron.

Intelligence Team consisting of Maj. Anthony Krueger, 1st Lt. Phillip Surrey, Senior Master Sgt. James Latour, and Master Sgts. Veste Cooksey and Bobby Dalle, all from the 126th Operations Group; Staff Sgt. Janet Atkins, 906th Air Refueling Squadron; and Staff Sgts. Adam Luebbert and Holynne Steppe, both from the 126th Operations Group.

Congratulations to the individual and team award winners, as well as all members of the 126th Air Refueling Wing and 906th Air Refueling Squadron for a job well done!